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Description of The Project

This is a study of compression that separates these two forms, and also interlocks the space that unites them. The different spaces evolved and begin to interact with the ground plane in unique ways. The heavy bold form sinks into the ground, while the secondary mass creates the base. On one hand the closed form has no space around it in comparison with the open form that is surrounded by empty space that can be circulated. There is constant movement between the two objects, how their spaces form and evolve, and how they interact with the surroundings. Through this contrast, the forms exalt each other creating union through difference. As the shape finalizes its evolution, the apertures start to take over the box, guiding you to the outer spaces. The apertures in the outer shapes guide you back into the box. 

The circulation is inter dependent on both objects. You enter the ground plane beneath the point of union of both shapes. The first stop is in the heavier form and once inside you encounter the first connection and start to circulate vertically. Once circulated this space you have to proceed to the open gallery. These two spaces are linked through the initial point of compression, and once inside you can access the closed gallery. As you circulate through the building the constant interaction between the contrasting forms and spaces determine its circulation.

There was only one center at the beginning, yet after their split the forms are now two. These two forms are compressed in the interlocking space. The left form is conformed by a hard edge box, while the right is composed of smooth edges and is free standing. The initial compression segregates spaces on each end, creating different experiences. The box contains one large space, while the form within holds three medium spaces. Two of them create a gap that is habitable and the third is the point of entry. The right form contains two galleries. One of them is an open gallery and has visual access to the rest of the project, while the other is a closed space that has an aperture looking over the ground object.

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